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      We Turn Pinterest Dreams into Reality

      3D model of custom designed engagement ring on computer screen

      Although we have one of the largest selections of engagement rings, wedding bands and other fine jewelry in the Chicagoland area, we realize that your dream piece of jewelry may not be something we have in stock.

      This is why custom design has become a specialty of ours and we are very proud of the gorgeous pieces we have created for our customers. Whether you have seen your perfect engagement ring or other fine jewelry in a magazine, on internet sites such as Pinterest or The Knot, or simply have a vision in your mind of that perfect piece, DaValle Jewelers can make your vision a reality.

      Your first step in the custom design process is to bring in your photos and ideas and sit down with one of our professional sales associates who will help you create your one of a kind treasure. Once the concept of the piece has been agreed upon, these are the steps in creating the final product.


      1. CAD Design

      We will create a CAD (computer-aided design) that will show you what your piece will look like from several different angles. During this time, you can request changes and we will only proceed to the next step after you have approved the final CAD.

      3D CAD rendering of custom engagement ring


      2. Wax Model

      We will now create a 3 dimensional wax model of your piece for approval where you can see the actual dimensions prior to casting.

      3D printed wax model of custom engagement ring 3D printed model of custom engagement ring design


      3. Casting and Finishing

      The approved wax is given to our master jewelers who use a technique called Lost Wax Casting to produce the final piece. The diamonds are set, the ring is polished and your one of a kind creation is now complete!

      finished custom design engagement ring Finished custom designed engagement ring