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      In addition to a huge inventory of gold bracelets, earrings and religious crosses and medals, DaValle Jewelers carries one of the largest selections of 14 and 18kt yellow, white and rose gold chains in the Chicagoland area.

      Standard sizes for our chains are 16. 18. 20, 22 and 24 inches, but can be custom ordered in any size.  If we do not have a chain in stock, it can usually be ordered and in our store within three days.

      Listed below are the more popular styles of gold chains available for purchase from DaValle Jewelers.  Please email or call us directly to place an order or inquire about availability. 



      box chain

      Box chains have square links rather than round links, giving the chain a “boxy” appearance.  Thinner widths are used for women’s pendants and thicker widths are popular for men. 



      cable chain

      Cable chains consist of round or oval links that are uniform in size.  Strong and durable, they are the most commonly used chains for pendant necklaces.



      curb chain

      Curb chains consist of identical circular rings with tiny indentations that allow the rings to remain flat.  Curb chains can also feature a diamond cut which enhances the shimmer of the chain.



      A modified version of the curb chain, Figaro chains originated in Italy and consist of interlocking flat links that vary in size.  The most common pattern is a trio of smaller links alternating with a longer link. 



      mariner chain

      Named because they resemble the chains attached to a boat anchor, mariner chains consist of oval links, each divided by a bar in the center.  They are popular for both men and women.



      rolo chain

      Similar to a cable chain, Rolo chains are comprised of oval or circle interlocking links with alternate links turned 180 degrees.  The links, however, are usually smaller in length and thicker in width than cable chains.



      rope chain

      Rope chains consist of links that are twisted or looped together in a pattern that creates a look similar to that of a rope.  They are the most popular textured chain available. 



      singapore chain

      Singapore chains consist of a twisted chain linking pattern the blends the look of a curb chain with that of a rope chain.  The curves of this pattern create an eye catching chain as it reflects light from different angles.



      wheat chain

      Wheat chains are normally created with four strands of twisted oval links woven together in the same direction.  This results in an intricate chain with a great deal of visual texture.